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You ought to replace one of your motorcycle or automobile headlight bulbs since it simply stopped working. Instead of buying the first headlight bulb you see on the shelf at your local garage or parts store, take some time to think about the different types of H4 LED headlight bulbs that are now available.

Headlight Bulbs (Standard or OEM)

These basic bulbs are a straight replacement for the ones installed by the manufacturer and are usually the cheapest alternative. While most brand-name bulbs are of decent quality, avoid the cheapest ones because the reduced price may affect both luminosity and longevity.

H4 LED headlight bulb with a Long Life

These are meant for automobiles that have a habit of leaving their headlights on all of the time and are especially good for vehicles that utilise their headlights as daytime running lights or drive a lot of miles. Heavier filaments extend the bulb’s life and make it more vibration-resistant. These bulbs, on the other hand, do not give any additional light and can turn yellow with time. Long-life bulbs are slightly more expensive than normal bulbs, but they are often less expensive in the long term due to their longer lifespan.

Headlight Bulbs that Have Been Upgraded

These bulbs may produce more light for the same amount of power by carefully regulating the filament metals, gas, and pressure. The light is usually a little whiter, which helps to emphasise roadside items like signs and cats’ eyes. The sole disadvantage of these bulbs is their price: they can be substantially more expensive, yet they only have a similar lifespan.

Headlight Bulb Styling

Styling bulbs are for individuals who wish to make their car stand out by changing the colour of the light generated subtly.

Styling bulbs, on the other hand, provide no more light than regular headlight bulbs, and the colour coatings on some of them can diminish visible light output, so they are not suggested if you drive on dark roads frequently. The cost is only slightly greater than the industry average, and the longevity is the same.

Other possibilities

There are various ways to replace your headlights. LED headlights are currently standard on some new vehicles. However, upgrading from halogen to LED is currently not possible due to the necessity to replace the entire headlamp equipment. There are some LED bulbs available in headlight bulb sizes, however, these are primarily for show and have a modest light output.


Chad Gaytan