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It is very common for people to think about selling the car when visits to the mechanic start to become frequent. This is an indicator, but not the only one. It is important to make a general assessment of your relationship with the car, from the way you maintain it to financial, commercial aspects and personal satisfaction. Below are some tips for finding the right moment to Sell Exotic Cars in Atlanta.

Car maintenance x value

When the annual amount spent on maintenance exceeds 10% of the car’s sale value, it is a sign that this may be the time to think about selling. However, how much is your car worth? It is known that, in the first two years, the devaluation is more accentuated and, in the following years, it stabilizes at around 10%.  Each model has a different market response. 

Does your car live in the workshop?

When you start making frequent visits to the garage, the first thing that comes to mind is selling the car. However, it is necessary to know if the reason is the lack of revisions or if there really is a generalized wear due to the mileage and the time of use. Changing only the oil and filter is very little: several items must be replaced during the life of the car. When not replaced, they end up ruining other parts. 

Is the car ugly?

Many people do not do the bodywork and paint repairs, claiming they want to change cars. First, because it is hard to find someone who wants to buy a dented car: would you? If he finds a buyer, he will certainly devalue the car much more than the cost of the repair. Therefore, car poorly maintained is not a reason for immediate sale. Fix what is ugly and then decide whether it is still time to sell it.

5 years of “marriage”

5 years is a good period to keep your car without major expenses. That is talking about small and medium cars. For luxury cars, the term is shorter. Of course, there may be exceptions, but it is a fact that rubbers and plastics used in car parts are more likely to deform after 5 years of use. After thousands of requests and temperature changes, these materials tend to lose their elasticity, becoming more rigid and brittle.

The biggest example is the tire, which has a validity of 5 years. In addition to it, bushings, rubbers, hoses, seals and cushions are items that usually take cars to the workshops more frequently. Some dealerships do not resell cars that are more than 5 years old. 

The market gives signals: read

In some cases, there is no interest in changing cars, but the market is showing signs that it is time and, if you take too long, you could be at a loss. What happens is the sudden devaluation of a certain car due to year/model changes or the fact that this car is discontinued. Even by a repositioning of the automaker: when it includes a model in the product line and lowers the price of another old model.