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If you google junkyards you might get a little surprise. The old junkyard of the past is fading into the history books and being replaced by the full-service junkyards of today. In this article, we talk about “freestanding” scrap yards, why they’re falling under the radar, and what today’s alternative scrap yards mean to you, the customer.
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• What is a dismantling yard near me?
For decades, the only types of junkyards found in the US were disused junkyards. A customer would go to a junkyard, go through all the old vehicles to look for a suitable one, and pick up at home the parts they need for their own vehicle. There were certainly big savings as long as the car or truck matched the car or truck at home.

• Why are out-of-sight junkyards stripping a part near me?
And therein lies the problem with scrapped junkyards. It is literally impossible to have every make and model of a vehicle built in a junkyard. As a result, old junkyards constantly suffered from a lack of inventory and customers constantly fretted at not being able to find what they needed, not to mention the hassle of having to carry tools to remove used auto parts when they found what they wanted.
However, until the advent of computers and the World Wide Web, it was the only option available.

• What you have in junkyards today
Today, it is no longer necessary for a junkyard to have every make and model of vehicle on the physical property. All it takes is an application that allows any scrap dealer to find the part they need from any of the 60,000 scrap dealers across the country. When the parts search is complete and the part is found, it is sent to the relevant city. The whole transaction is fast, the product is insured and shipped within a few days, and the customer doesn’t have to carry around tools or worry about the whole process.
customers still enjoy deep discounts on used car parts for sale and 90-day warranties are also available from reputable junkyards like our own used car parts, meaning good savings and the peace of mind you get with every purchase.
Frankly, we’re a bit surprised that the US still has a limited number of auto parts junkyards, which in our humble opinion are the dinosaurs of the industry and certainly not a convenient way to insure used auto parts.

Wayne Wilson