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Many situations can lead to a motorcycle crash, and why riders lose control while maneuvering their bike.It can happen while they are riding slowly or driving too fast,which might lead to a loss of balance. However, not all motorcycle accidents happen on the road, as some can occur even in a parking lot.

In truth, one of the most common traffic fatalities on the road is due bymotorcycles. If you are a motorcycle owner, you must know that it does not provide much protection from accidents and catastrophic injuries. Wearing a helmet, gloves, and other clothing designed to offer safety might not be enough to guarantee complete security. A motorcyclist can take protection a step further by purchasing motorcycle crash bars as it can help protect both the rider and the bike in specific types of accidents. 

A motorcycle crash bar is a piece of safety equipmentthat comes in the form of tubing attached to the frame or engine of the bike. It is also known as freeway bars, engine guards, and highway bars.The design available on the market might vary, but its idea is to have a metal bar that sticks out past the motorcycle.

Essentially, they are considered motorcycle protection as they provide a barrier between the ground and the bike. The bar will prevent the motorcycle from falling entirely while protecting drivers from being crushed underneath. Furthermore, they can also protect the fuel tank and engine of the bike, reducing the damage to the bike while providing safety to the driver. Motorcycle crash bars are usually made from chrome-plated steel and mounted on the bike’s lower frame and typically consist of two pieces.

One of the best brands of motorcycle crash bars that you can find on the market is the SW motech crash bars. This trusted product can fully support the weight of a motorcycle, giving it maximum protection during a crash or accident. 

While such crash bars offer protection, it is still important to remember that there are certain accidentsthat such protection might not work. For instance, it cannot provide protection for drivers thrown off their vehicles during a collision. Many motorcycle owners purchase crash bars primarily with concern for their bikes’ valuable and costly components. It can help prevent extensive damage if the motorcycle falls while stationary in a parking lot or a slow tip over. 

When choosing a crash bar, select one that is built and engineered according to the specific type of motorcycle model you own instead of purchasing products that claim to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Accordingly, some manufacturers offer crash bars thatbike owners can easily install. However, if you are hesitant to install it yourself, you can opt to contact your local dealer or workshop to perform the installation process.

Many benefits come with installing motorcycle crash bars for your bike. It includes reducing the extent of the damage to the motorcycle, protecting the fuel tank, long-term cost savings, and more.

If you want to learn more about motorcycle crash bars, read this infographic from Motorrad Garage.