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I began my professional existence like a maintenance engineer inside a electric company. Which was just a little over ten years ago and at that time the organization I had been employed by relied heavily on maximo, a really comprehensive asset management solution from IBM. It had been an intricate system that needed hrs of user training and literally huge amount of money in personalization and equipment. Within the finish, the organization were built with a versatile and very effective tool that linked assets to documentation, spares and getting and automatic the constant maintenance management of all of the equipment from work request creation to operate order flow. The reporting was excellent and something that you desired to understand about a brief history of the asset – towards the very components which make that asset up – was easily available.

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Next experience, I had been fortunate enough to undergo another amazing software in another company: SAP/ PM. PM for plant maintenance. For me an excellent means to fix maximo. Within this second situation, all company procedures were managed by SAP from maintenance to HR to buying. Everything was inter-connected. The entire SAP implementation required around twelve months . 5, and every module of SAP was deployed in sequence. There is a group of 5 full-time people focusing on from installation to training to development and personalization. Pointless to state this was a very costly operation.

Both in situations described above, the businesses benefitted hugely by using the program solutions to some extent that will discover their whereabouts grinding to some halt if the systems fail. Like a power user from the maintenance systems pre and post installing SAP, I’m able to confirm the rise in efficiency in company procedures once everything was automated. Pointless to state, I am an enormous fan of excellent maintenance keeper or, to make use of the jargon, CMMS, for Computerized Maintenance Management System.

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Following the two encounters described above, I recognized employment within the maintenance department of the entertainment venue. It had been quite different from these job on conventional industry and utilities however it revolved around equipment maintenance nevertheless, so basically it fit my background all right. What I wasn’t ready for though was how maintenance was managed, or possibly I’m able to state that I wasn’t ready for the way maintenance wasn’t managed. After I began, documentation was minimal there was virtually no spares control apart from people’s memory! Granted the organization wasn’t that complex, especially in comparison with these jobs: I went from the 250 strong maintenance team to some 15 person team. Yet, regardless of your organization’s size, should you cope with equipment and machinery which is used in commercial applications, you have to have the means to schedule and organize jobs and technicians, control spares as well as easily retrieve that information to help on future maintenance tasks in order to prove that actions were taken to guarantee the gear is operational and safe whatsoever occasions.

The schedule of tasks is simple to apply with conventional tools for example outlook or Google calendar. I’ve read articles and forum posts that say outlook is small businesses must control maintenance tasks. From the simple scheduling perspective, I could not agree more but overall there’s a simple flaw: very difficult information retrieval. What that suggests is the fact that maintenance task aren’t enhanced because most job procedures is going to be reinvented again and again. Observe that even when records are stored, your time and effort that should get into organizing all of them is gigantic especially as years pass, technicians leave and knowledge begins to stack up. It are only an issue of your time before technicians bypass the retrieval of knowledge completely and immediately begin a job and sometimes it means learning procedures on your own. This isn’t a competent system whatsoever!