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Shipping car costs are influenced by several factors.

  • Car size – Length, weight, height, and ground clearance
  • Condition Operable & inoperable
  • Shipping distance – The more the shipping distance the lower the per-mile cost
  • Pickup & delivery location – Choose between door-to-door or terminal services
  • Transport type – Open or enclosed
  • Timing of the year – In some months of the year there is a huge demand for car transport services, so prices spike.
  • Fuel price – The increase in fuel prices can add to the shippers operating cost, which is passed to consumers.
  • Extra features Expedited shipping, single-car shipping, home delivery, and insurance costs more.

Average shipping a car cost

On average shipping, a car less than 200 miles is $2.92 per mile and over 1,000 it is $0.78 per mile. An SUV shipped in an open truck across a distance of 500 miles will cost $679. If the crude oil rates increase then this can influence the per-mile rates. In the US, the diesel prices October 2021 were at $3.58 in the second week and at the end of October, it escalated to $3.71. You can check the current per mileage rate of shipping a car on Ship a Car, Inc. The auto transport company has a vast network of shippers and truckers.

Tips to lower car transport costs

Compare several shipping quotes to attain the lowest cost. Any provider you select there are several ways to bring the total car transport cost down.

  • Early request for quotes means you gain several quotations and a better chance to grab a good deal. Make your booking early!
  • The door-to-door delivery type is costly. It can be cheap if you choose a terminal-to-terminal option. It is great if you reside in rural region where shipping costs are high.
  • Open shipping truck is cheaper than the enclosed option. If your need is to transport a vehicle with low clearance or luxury vehicle or collectors car then there is a need to take extra protection and pay some more for enclosed shipping.
  • Discounts are offered to students, veterans, first responders, early birds, military transport, and more.
  • Opt for multi-car shipping because single-car transport is too expensive. In the multi-car shipping option, there are several other vehicles transported together.
  • If you have strict pick-up and drop-off dates then you will find a couple of shippers capable or approving to fulfill your needs, which can add to the shipping cost. To gain benefit from price drops be flexible with the pickup & delivery schedules.
  • Adding more weight to the car increases shipping costs, so empty the vehicle in advance.

Is shipping your car worth the transport cost?

The answer to whether the car transport cost is worth the investment depends on the vehicle type and distance. If the distance is long, then hiring a professional shipper is worth the cost because you will not add the extra miles and pay for gas. You can save on lodging cost and driving efforts.

Car Transport Company to move a classic car in an enclosed carrier is a great choice for short-distance transport. If your car is reliable, then driving it for 500 miles is simple and causes significant savings.

Andrew Robb