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Irrespective of the type of car you own, you take great pride in how it looks and appears in front of everyone. But this look won’t stay forever so you need to take responsibility for upholding its look. The paint of your car is susceptible to scratches, chipping, scraping, and swirl marks. To prevent this from happening to your car, paint protection films are the best solution. However, there are multiple misconceptions associated with this and we will clear them out today.

UV exposure turns the PPF yellow

This myth has circulated like wildfire. It is the PVCs that are outdated now, which suffer discoloration, peeling, and cracking when they get over-exposed to the sun. But nowadays thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used for filming that does not suffer any such problems. These films can withstand constant and extreme UV exposure and never peel out or get yellow. Also, certain films come with a 10-year warranty.

PPF cannot be waxed

This is a very popular myth that a lot of car owners believe. They think that on installing the PPF, it becomes difficult for them to maintain it or get their vehicle waxed. But in the reality, the PPF does not need to be waxed in the first place. It is advised to avoid the wax build-up on the edges. Instead of this, one can use spray wax or detail sprays.

PPF damages the paint

This myth is extremely far from reality. The owners apply PPF in the first place to protect their paint from physical damages like scratches, abrasions, or other damages. The self-healing ability of the PPF protects the paint against any damages and when the film is properly removed; your paint will not get affected too. It is always recommended to take the expert help for the removal of the PPF from your car, for the residual glue might damage the paint.

All PPFs are the same

You might hear this myth and end up buying the film that is the cheapest. But all PPFs are not same and there are many differences that you will find. Many low-quality PPFs do not protect your car as they should. Hence, pick the ones that are worthy of purchase and give your car overall protection.

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Chad Gaytan